Professional Interior House Painting

Professional Interior House Painting

Professional Interior House Painting Service

Discover the top-notch interior house painting services in Brisbane offered by Johnny Go Service. Transform your home with a fresh coat of paint professionally applied by experts

Our pricing is very simple and is based on the size of the house. Simply factor in the floor area of the house, and you will know the painting cost. Prices include paint, labour, tools, and GST. We require a 50% deposit to start the job. Our interior house painting service includes interior walls, ceilings, skirting, doors, and door frames.

Interior House Painting Prices:


2 Coats of interior paint. $45 per square metre.
1 Coat of undercoat/primer. $25 per square metre.
The undercoat is only required if the new walls have never been painted or if you have chosen a different colour from the existing one. The price applies to the floor area—the minimum booking is 75 sqm.

Professional Interior House Painting

Why Choose Johnny Go Service for Interior House Painting

We will require a 50% deposit to start the job.

To ensure superior quality for our clients, we only use the best available products, e.g., Dulux, Resene, etc. We don’t leave our clients with a mess to clean up; rather, our crew ensures that the area is clean and orderly. Before we consider a project finished, one of our supervisors will do a final walk-through with the residence’s owner to ensure our work meets or exceeds expectations.

Specialized Process for Interior House Painting

  • Set-Up and Colour Choice
    At the start of your project, our crew will show you a catalogue of different colours, and you can choose your favourite. Then, our crew will prepare the area for interior painting. This includes placing items in the centre of the room and covering them with clean, new plastic sheeting. We will protect all floors with drop cloths.

    Professional Interior House Painting 

  • Wall Preparation

    Based on your requests and initial estimate, holes and cracks in the ceiling and walls will be filled, stains sealed, and surfaces scuffed and sanded. These preparation techniques are very important and ensure a quality interior paint job.

Surface Preparation and Repair

* Painting
We will prime any new drywall repaired and then paint it with premium-quality paints. We'll apply two coats of the same colour in a uniform finish to ensure all areas are covered and have clean edges.
 * Clean Up
During the last work phases. We will move your furniture and accessories back to their previous locations. Floors and Carpet Cleaning * and sweeping. Our house painters will move any leftover paint to the designated place (usually the garage) and remove all equipment from the premises. 
 * Final Inspection
: A supervisor will conduct the final inspection. You will be invited to review the work and provide feedback.

Professional Interior House Painting

Professional Interior House Painting
  •  House WashingNote: We also provide House Washing  , Exterior House Painting , fence painting and deck staining services. Please click the link below or call us at 0424979667
  • for a quotefor a quote. *Our painters may revise the quote after on-site inspection if extra work is required.
**We prefer if the space is vacant. We will move light furniture. However, the customer is responsible for beds, sofas, and heavy furniture.
***Interior house painting service does not include any major repairs, exterior painting, or cupboards/cabinets.
  • Parking Parking is the customer’s responsibility; where parking is not available, the customer will pay the costs incurred by parking.
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Professional Interior House Painting
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